16 Year Old Who Pushed A 13 Year Old Girl To Death To Be Tried As An Adult

Mumbai: After a 16-year-old boy pushed a 13-year-old girl off the eighth floor of a building in Goregaon (East), resulting in her death two months ago, the police have written to the Juvenile Justice Board (JJB) requesting that he be tried as an adult. The children’s court will take the final decision.

The amended Juvenile Justice Act says children between 16 and 18 years can be tried as adults if they have committed a heinous offence (one that attracts a minimum punishment of seven years). But it’s not mandatory for every juvenile delinquent in this age group to be tried as an adult.

The father said the teen did not seem to regret what he had done. “We recently came across a video clip on social media where the teen is seen boasting on camera that he will be freed and come back. He addresses the people of our residential locality in the clip and adds that they needn’t worry about him. How was a video clip shot inside the juvenile observation home? This has come as a huge shock to us and appears to be a threat,” the victim’s mother said.

The boy’s parents had also been arrested in the case on charges of “causing the disappearance of evidence or giving false information to screen an offender” as they had deleted all conversations between him and the victim from his cellphone and sent him to Sion to a relative’s place after the incident. “The parents have been granted bail,” a police officer said.

The girl’s family said they are convinced there are others involved in the murder and the teen couldn’t have acted alone. “We have urged the police to carry out a thorough probe,” said her father.

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