2003 Mumbai Blast Accuse Mohammad Hanif Syed Dies At Hospital

Mumbai: Mohammad Hanif Syed, who was sentenced death in 2003 Mumbai blast died here on Sunday.

According to the reports, Mohammed’s condition worsened on Saturday evening, after which he was brought to the hospital, he was in Jaipur jail.

The Bombay High Court upheld his death sentence and sent him to Yerwada jail in 2012 in the Nagpur Central Jail.

Earlier, Prevention of Terriorsm Act (POTA) court sentenced death all the three accused for planting bomb in Gate way of India and Zaveri Bazaar.

Three accused were Mohammad Syed, his wife Fehminda and Ashrat Ansari, this was the first time in the history were a married couple is being convicted by POTA court.

The 25 August 2003 Mumbai bombings were twin car bombings in the Indian city of Mumbai that killed 54, and injured 244 people.[1] One of the bomb explosions took place at the Gateway of India, which is a major tourist attraction.

The other bomb went off in a jewellery market Zaveri Bazaar near the Mumba Devi temple in central Mumbai. Both the bombs were planted in parked taxis and exploded during the lunch hour. No group initially claimed responsibility for the attack, but Kashmir rebel group and Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Toiba was blamed for it.

On 31 August 2003, three suspects Ashrat Ansari, Haneef Sayyed and his wife Fahmeeda were arrested. All three were convicted and sentenced to death in August, 2009 by a special POTA court in Mumbai. Later, the death sentence was upheld by Bombay High Court in February 2012.

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