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24 Lakh Students Devasted Even Before Modi Took Oath: Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has sharply criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the ongoing controversy surrounding the NEET exam results. Party supporters led protests in the national capital, alleging rigging of exam results, as senior members of the BJP-led NDA prepared to take oath for a record third term.

In a post on social media platform X, Gandhi stated, “Narendra Modi has not even taken oath yet and the scam in NEET exam has devastated more than 24 lakh students and their families. Six students from the same exam centre top the exam with maximum marks, many get such marks which are technically not possible, but the government is continuously denying the possibility of paper leak.”

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has denied any irregularities, attributing higher marks to changes made to the NCERT textbooks and grace marks given for time lost at examination centres.

Gandhi also claimed that the Congress party had formulated a ‘robust’ plan to address what he termed a “paper leak industry.” Several political parties have raised concerns about the authenticity of the NEET exam for medical courses. On Friday, Congress leaders demanded a high-level investigation under the Supreme Court’s supervision into “irregularities” in the NEET exams, accusing the BJP of cheating youngsters and jeopardizing their futures.

“We had pledged in our manifesto to give students ‘freedom from paper leak’ by making a law. Today, I assure all the students of the country that I will become your voice in the Parliament and strongly raise the issues related to your future,” Gandhi added.

In a related development, the Congress Working Committee adopted a unanimous resolution on Saturday, calling for Rahul Gandhi to become the Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha.

As the situation develops, the call for a transparent investigation into the NEET exam results continues to gain momentum, with the future of many students hanging in the balance.

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