27-Yr-Old Hyderabad Veterinarian Was Raped Even After She Died: Reports

Mumbai: A remand report of the case presented in court on Saturday revealed more chilling details in relation to the rape and murder of the veterinarian. Allegedly, the four accused persons continued to rape a woman inside the lorry’s cabin, even after she died.

It has also reported that accused – Mohammad alias Areef, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen and Chennakeshavulu – took close to one hour from the time they dragged her into the open plot, forced her to consume whiskey mixed with a soft drink, hit her on the head, raped and killed her.

In addition, it was found that after killing her, they dumped her body in Laurie’s cabin and raped her one after the other. After the fight in the cabin, they decided to move on, but one of them got off the vehicle and returned with his clothes.

They continued driving on the National Highway leading to Shadnagar to look for deep patches to remove the body. After stopping at the culvert in Chatanapalli in Shadnagar, they wrapped her body in a blanket and got off the vehicle to remove her. They decided to burn the corpse so that it could not be identified.

Meanwhile, at a general meeting held on Saturday, the bar association of Mahbubnagar district court decided not to provide legal services to the accused.

A similar resolution was passed by the Rangareddy district court bar association. Mahbubnagar Bar Association president Anant Reddy said, “We have decided not to file bail pleas for the accused and have appeared on their behalf during the trial. If someone steps in to appear on their behalf, we will stop them as well.

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