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‘33% Reservation For Women If We Came In Power’, Rahul Gandhi

Mumbai: On Wednesday, Congress President, Rahul Gandhi was speaking to the women student at Stella Maris College in Chennai.

Rahul asked, ‘How many time you have seen the PM Modi speaking in the middle of the 3,000 women like this? How many time you have seen PM being free to answer questions like this?’

He was on his campaign for due Lok Sabha elections where he highlighted the problem related to women on his speeches where he promised to solve if his government comes in power.

Gandhi assures that he will pass the bill of Women’s reservation to make more women come and represent in Parliament. He said, ‘Frankly, I don’t see neede numbers of women in positions for Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha’.

It is to be noted, many political parties in India has made this as a long-awaited promise.

Nevertheless, Rahul Gandi has assured that 33% will be reserved for women at all level of government jobs if his government comes in the centre.

Gandhi said about women candidates to come in parliament but did not mention reservation to fill in his own party
“I think women are smarter than men”, Rahul Gandhi.

The session was large with the number of questions by the students. It also made him sometimes discomfort with questions which were challenging.

One student asked him about the investigation of Vadra, his brother in law’s case.

Rahul answered, ‘The government has the right to inspect every person’, he went on to say that law is applied selectively as he brought up the Rafale case and alleges on the involvement of PM Modi.

“I learn from Mr Modi. I cannot hate him. Can you all hate people who teach you? Your biggest teachers are those who attack you, who hurl abuse’, he said while answering the question about his hug to PM last year.

He added saying, If they give you hate, and you give them hate, you learn nothing. If they give you hate, and you hug them, you will learn a lot’.

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