5 Men Gangrape And Kill 60-Yr-Old Woman, Cut Her Breasts Off In Bihar

Mumbai: Five men allegedly gang-raped a 60-year-old woman before chopping her breasts and killing her by slitting her throat in Bihar’s Nawada.

Four accused identified as Sunil Yadav, Vipin Yadav, Pintu Yadav and Niranjan Yadav have been arrested, while the fifth one named Karu Yadav is still at large. The incident took place on December 25. The accused allegedly gang-raped a 60-year-old woman before chopping her breasts and slitting her throat.

The victim was a resident of Jahana village in Gaya district

“The victim lived in the Gaya district’s Jahana village. She and her husband had traveled to Nawada to see her relative. She waited on the road while her husband went to a neighboring shop to recharge his cell phone after they arrived in Nawada by rail on December 25.

“Many people had congregated on the road, as there was a funeral procession going on at the same moment. The husband said that he returned from the store and was unable to locate her, according to Ajay Prasad, SDPO Sadar, Nawada.

The police found her mutilated body on December 26

On December 26, the authorities discovered her disfigured body in the Kharidi Bigha region. We located one of the culprits, Sunil Yadav, after looking through local CCTV footage, according to Prasad said.

“It was discovered during questioning that Sunil Yadav had seduced the victim and had taken her on a tour of the town in an e-rickshaw with the company of four of his pals. The victim was taken to a remote location, where she was gang-raped. They chopped her breasts and sliced her throat after committing the crime. The dead body was subsequently disposed of in a drain,” according to Prasad.

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