5 Movies That Will Light Up Your Day, Quite Literally

Mumbai: Are you having a bad day?  Are you feeling low because your boss didn’t appreciate your hard work? Or that creepy boyfriend that ditched you for playing Pubg? Are you irritated with your jagga-jasoos neighbor getting hooked in your private story? Or is it that time of the month? Wait, let me guess.. is it the Netflix account that has expired? or it is just a situation when you don’t feel like seeing anyone’s face! Hi-5 !

Having a bad day is quite a normal thing! Those who have interest inclined towards horror/slasher are the ultimate fans of such category but once in a  blue moon they’ll also have a need to light up their day with happy movies or the movies that will create a zeal among themselves to ignite a spark so that they can achieve their day goals.

So here is a rundown of motion pictures which will never let you down on an exhausting day!

  1. Bride Wars

A tale  of 2 beautiful girls starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson having a magical dream encased from their childhood to marry in hotel Plaza. Together they make numerous arrangements for their particular weddings, planning everything from catering to decoration, guests to exchanging vows, Vera Wang to makeup but their friendship takes a different turn as they lead to transform into sworn foes in a race to get hitched before the other.

  1. The intern 

Who does not want retirement? Well, it is that phase of the life when one stops earning and starts enjoying life. But, Ben Whittaker, a seventy year old senior citizen realizes the fact retirement not being that enjoyable as one is supposed to enjoy. In order to make his retired life styled in own way he chooses to intern with an online fashion store administrated by a skeptical boss.

  1. Blended

After an awful blind date, a man and a woman accidently find themselves stranded at a family resort in South Africa. Being a single parent has never been an easy task and there is always a need of a companion. Both of them along with their kids start to enjoy the vacation acting as a family and their tenderness for each other augments.

  1. Wild Child 

A malcontent daddy’s princess is sent to an authoritarian English boarding school by her father. There, she gets to know about the strict rules and develops a will to not to obey any of the orders and opts to misbehave in order to get dismissed from the school but in turn gets to discover a new herself.

  1. Hanuman (2005)

If you are having a bad day what else other than spiritual boost can make you calm and happy? Last but not the least; get ready for an adventurous tale of lord mighty hanuman, from his childhood till the days where he helps lord Rama in fighting with the evil Ravana who is a devotee of lord Shiva.

These movies promise not to waste a bit of your minute and to instantly boost up your energy with elements like fun, adventure and jolliness. So, get ready to binge on your butter popcorns and light up your day!

Written By Apoorva Rajput

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