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50 Jamia Students Detained After Clash With Cops During CAB Protest

Mumbai: Following the controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill passed by Rajya Sabha, Jamia Millia Islamia University turned into a battlefield on Friday after police and students, who wanted to march to Parliament House in demand of withdrawing the CAB 2019.

Fifty students were detained after a clash between policemen and students when protesters were stopped at the Varsity Gate and stopped to march PTI reported.

The students were lathi-charged by police personnel, the students alleged that the police also used tear gas to carry out their marches. Students also resorted to stone-pelting. However, the protesters alleged that the police first pelted stones and the students pelted stones in response to the attack.

In a video broadcast by students on social media, the police are shown canning the protesters. Police had laid siege to the road and protesters were seen climbing the barricade. Later, the university gate was closed.

PTI quoted law student saying that “We were marching peacefully and police stopped us from marching. First, they lathi-charged us asking us to move backwards. Then they pelted stones in response to which students picked up stones too.”

Police, however, denied the allegations.

“Students started their march. We had placed barricades which they broke and tried to jump over them. Then they threw stones at us forcing us to use teargas shells. The students have been detained and taken to Badarpur police station,” police officials told PTI.

(With ANI Inputs)

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