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63 Injured By Kite Strings, 69 Fall From Height During Uttarayan Festivities In Guj

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Mumbai: As many as 63 people, mostly commuters on roads, sustained injuries on their throats and faces by kite strings during Uttarayan festivities in Gujarat on Friday, an official said.

By 12 noon, the “108” emergency ambulance service had evacuated 63 people, mostly on the streets, to nearby streets after they were cut on their necks and faces due to kite strings hanging dangerously in public places. places were transferred. Said in hospitals.

No death was reported in kite flying accidents so far during the day, the official said.

According to a release issued by the ambulance services, out of 63 people who were injured by kite strings, 21 cases were reported from Ahmedabad alone, followed by Vadodara and Rajkot districts with seven each.

In all, 108 Ambulance Service received 1,203 emergency calls till noon, which was higher than last year’s number of 1,043 calls, it was said.

Apart from the injuries sustained by kite strings, 69 persons across the state also fell from their rooftops or heights, most of whom were flying or holding kites, the release said.

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