A Girl Touched My Breast In A Nightclub: Sanjeeda Sheikh On Facing Harassment

Mumbai: Sanjeeda Shaikh, who is currently basking in the success of her web series Heeramandi, has revealed a shocking incident where she was groped by a woman in a nightclub. The actress, who plays a significant role in the acclaimed series, recently shared this experience during an interview with Hauterfly.

Recounting the incident, Sanjeeda said, “I remember one incident very vaguely but it was by a girl. I was in a nightclub. One girl was passing by and she just touched my breast and she left. I was kind of taken aback, like what just happened. We hear men smack you on the back and they misbehave, ladkiyaan koi kum nahi hai.”

The actress emphasized that inappropriate behaviour is unacceptable, regardless of gender. “It has nothing to do with men or women, whatever is wrong is wrong. If a woman has wronged you, tell her. Because I think playing the victimhood card is very unattractive,” she stated.

In addition to discussing this unsettling experience, Sanjeeda also spoke about her personal life, particularly her divorce from Aamir Ali in 2020. She reflected on the difficult period following their separation, admitting that she initially felt very depressed. However, with time, she found strength and began to love herself more. “I thought of myself as the most depressed person, however, with time I emerged stronger. I started loving myself and now I am happy with this version of myself,” she shared.

Sanjeeda’s candid revelations highlight the importance of addressing inappropriate behaviour and the journey towards self-empowerment and healing. Her success in Heeramandi and personal growth story continue to inspire her fans and followers.

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