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A New Dazzle In The Realm Of The Fashion Industry Is Vikas Shakya

A small-town boy, Vikas Shakya belonging natively from Ghazipur Uttar Pradesh proved that tireless grit and determination do indeed reap fruitful results. He has carved his way through a galvanizing journey ‘Agriculture Field to Ramp’. Hailing from a farmer’s family, with all limited resources and being the smallest child of the family, he acquires a lot of hidden talents and a versatile personality.

As a student, he was known for his wit and erudition as a student. He completed his higher education from MJRP, Ghazipur. But apart from being a brilliant student he also possessed some dexterous skills which he participated in. He carries lots of talents inside him and that too without any training. He is a great pianist, singer, tabla player, dancer, etc. He never let himself be bound to any particular field. He is a sole believer that if one has to keep their life exciting then keep learning new things. Since childhood, he is very keen to explore and learn new things.

When talking about his career, Vikas Shakya said, “It’s not about being perfect when it comes to modelling. What is required is a face that people can recognize in a split second. You must be given what nature requires, and what nature requires is that you provide something new. He further added that” One of the gratifying ways you can experience new things is to get out and explore the abundance being offered by the universe. One thing which I have learned up till now is to be bold with my curiosity and be diligent towards my work to succeed.”

He also is a fitness freak and a firm believer in ‘All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.’ He has managed to keep untied all the qualities and capabilities of an ALPHA MAN personality, an extraordinary multi-tasker who has transformed himself from a normal person to a multi-tasking virtuoso. Vikas has the utmost desire to influence people and to see things and do things one step better ahead. Since his childhood, he carries a charisma that makes him different from others in many ways.

To stay connected to his roots he has done a Master’s in Agriculture-Genetics and Plant Breeding (SHUATS) as he belongs to a farming background. He began his modelling career in 2021 and proving his excellence in the field, he won Mr India Icon Season-2 and 1st runner-up Model of the Year season – 3. Whenever he faced a challenge, he learned and bounced back to it.

Vikas always looked for the chance. One of the things that really stands out about him is his constant endeavour to make aspirations come true. In addition to modelling, he is a professional yoga trainer, singer, and an active student of Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi. He is ruling on social media and Instagram as “Vicky Maahir” and an official popular content creator on the josh app. Vikas always sees opportunity in taking risks. He feels that life’s greatest risk is not daring to take a risk. He is turning into motivation for so many people who dream big.

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