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A Old-Decade Case Resolved, PM Modi Over SC Verdict On Ayodhya

Mumbai: In a view of latest Supreme Court verdict, PM Narendra Modi tweeted saying that the decade-old case has been resolved.

He said SC’s Ayodhya Judgment is notable because It highlights that any dispute can be amicably solved in the spirit of due process of law.

It reaffirms the independence, transparency, and farsightedness of our judiciary. It clearly illustrates that everybody is equal before the law.

He further said that “The halls of justice have amicably concluded a matter going on for decades. Every side, every point of view was given adequate time and opportunity to express differing points of view. This verdict will further increase people’s faith in judicial processes.”

He went on saying, The calm and peace maintained by 130 crore Indians in the run-up to today’s verdict manifests India’s inherent commitment to peaceful coexistence.”

“May this very spirit of unity and togetherness power the development trajectory of our nation. May every Indian be empowered,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that the court has ordered, central Govt within 3-4 months to formulate a scheme for setting up trust and hand over the disputed site to it for construction of the temple at the site.

While reading the verdict the court also said that there is no evidence that Muslims abandoned mosque. Hindus always believed the birthplace of Lord Ram was in the inner courtyard of the mosque. Clearly established that Muslims offered prayer inside inner courtyard Hindus offered prayers in outer courtyards.

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