Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones, Possible In Budget?

There is no better way of describing a great pair of noise-cancelling headphones than to call them “life-changing”. We aren’t trying to make it seem larger than life. But, if you’ve ever sat next to a toddler in an aeroplane, you’d know what we mean! In fact, noise-cancelling headphones were originally created for aeroplane pilots to improve their comfort on long flights.

For the longest time though, such headphones didn’t work very well or had a poor battery life! But not anymore. With noise-cancelling technology having grown drastically, it’s become way easier to silence the world outside and pump up the jam.

How really do active noise-cancelling headphones work?

Simply put, headphones with active noise-cancelling technology use microphones to pick up the ambient sound and then cancel out this noise by creating their own sound waves. This is the principle of destructive interference where the headset generates a sound that is phase-inverted by 180 degrees. What you get, therefore, is the result of two sounds cancelling each other out. If you are travelling on public transport, it will mean cutting down the sound of the engine or other commuters. In an open-plan office, you wouldn’t be forced to listen to conversations of your co-workers! In fact, ANC headphones are known to turn down the volumes by as much as 20dB and 45dB.

Active noise cancellation works through either of the following ways:

  • A feed-forward ANC system that has a microphone placed on the outside of the earphone
  • A feed-back system with the microphone placed on the inside
  • A Hybrid ANC system

Generally speaking, active noise-cancelling headphones are more expensive than their passive counterparts. Not without a reason! With more components such as extra microphones packed into them, the costs tend to go up. 

Do you need to sacrifice performance for a lower price?

What if you do not want to shell out a large amount for a noise-cancelling headphone? Does it mean you’d have to sacrifice performance? Well, the answer to that question is NO. While there are a number of noise-cancelling headphones, which offer high quality but also need you to break the bank, fortunately, there are some brands that do not compromise on quality, yet offer affordable noise-cancelling features.

The PLAYGO BH70: Smart, Quiet and Brilliant

A case in point, are the ones offered by World of PLAY. The PLAYGO BH70 with Hybrid ANC ensures that they act on both low frequency and high-frequency sounds with equal efficiency. They are also known for their ability to adjust the transparency mode, while their Enhanced Bass Extra Loud drivers deliver HD Audio wirelessly. Additionally, with Bluetooth 5.0, your wireless music experience gets even better!!

Clearly then, noise-cancellation isn’t a feature that’s meant just for high priced headphones alone. So go ahead and create that me-time in the midst of a bustling city. Drown yourself in your favourite music, have that heart-to-heart chat or simply hear yourself think with your active noise-cancelling headphones! As an audiophile, there is no reason for you to wax poetic about high priced headphones alone as now you do not find yourself hard-pressed to find that perfect pair well within your budget! Here’s to a distraction-free experience!

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