After Training Youth Will Hold Guns, There’d Be Bloodshed: Cong MLA On ‘Agnipath’

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Mumbai: Amid protests over the ‘Agnipath’ scheme, Congress MLA Irfan Ansari said after training for four years, the youth will “hold guns” and there would be “bloodshed” in the country.

Unveiled on June 14, the Agnipath scheme envisages the recruitment of youth in the age group of 17 years to 21 years for a period of four years on a contract basis in the Army, Navy and Air Force. 25. A percentage of them are for 15 more years of regular service.

Later, the government increased the upper age limit for recruitment to 23 years in 2022.

“What will you do after four years of training…youth will keep guns…there will be bloodshed in the country,” he said.

Several states across the country have been witnessing violent protests since the scheme was announced by the Centre, with youth hitting the streets and torching vehicles and blocking railway tracks to express their dissatisfaction.

A senior military official on Sunday warned youth against violent protests saying those involved in arson and vandalism against the scheme would not be allowed to join the three services under the new recruitment model.

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