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AGM Investment: Founded In 2016 By A Stock Trader, This Consultancy Is Making History

AGM Investment is a Country based Financial Consultancy and Educators which holds expertise in helping businesses take care of legal and financial aspects of theirs. Founded in 2016 by Navneet Maheshwari, AGM Investment has proved to be one of the best and most sought-after consultancies in the region.

Navneet Maheshwari who started his own career as a stock market trading enthusiast has helped many businesses so far shared with us that in the beginning, he really had to put things in order before making it to the big leagues. It is his experience and vision that has been acting as the primary source of motivation for AGM Investment. Talking about their services, Mr Maheshwari shared that as of now, AGM Investment provides services in portfolio management, strategic planning and analysis of financial performance as well as it teaches people how to become a part-time or a full-time trader in the stock market and has many plans according to their student’s needs.

For every financially successful individual and organisation, there is an expert like Navneet Maheshwari who help them in the back-end which only some of us are aware of. AGM Investment has been also helping businesses with financial and revenue modelling, mergers and acquisitions and other financial and legal procedures that happen at the back-end which is left unnoticed in the grand scheme of things.

Navneet Maheshwari shared with us that his own life has been full of ebbs and flows but that is what happens when you do not choose a well-trodden path and instead decide to start something of your own.

“In business, you have to be careful that the message that you are putting across is being reflected in everything that you do and that includes all the way from providing services to working on the feedbacks and building relationships with people. There could not be anything more useful than keeping your promise. That makes the branding a lot easier and that is what helps you in creating a legacy.” Said Navneet Maheshwari.

AGM Investment has been very successful in recent years and now, Navneet Maheshwari has decided to teach people how to invest in the stock market. How to choose the right stocks for trading and that too like no one else in the market is doing right now. He has been providing tailormade sessions from basic to advanced levels with in-depth chart analysis. More than 20 strategies specialized for Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Options are taught as of now. The company offers different kinds of membership plans according to client budget and needs.

We wish Navneet Maheshwari all the best for his future endeavours. There is nothing more fulfilling than an entrepreneur making it big in his industry. Know more about their offers on

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