Agnipath Protests Meaningless, Protesters Should Do Yoga: Baba Ramdev

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Mumbai: Calling protests against the Agnipath scheme “meaningless politics”, yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday asked the protesters to do yoga instead.

Addressing a yoga program at Delhi University, Ramdev said that there should be yoga in politics, but politics should not be in yoga.

“If they (protesters) had done yoga, they would not have resorted to arson. They should also do yoga. This (opposition to Agneepath) is meaningless politics. Basically, some people are running an agenda to spread anarchy in the country. They want to spread anarchy to remove Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah from power.”

The Agneepath scheme, announced by the Center on June 14, proposes to recruit soldiers into the armed forces on a short-term contract basis. The scheme envisages 75 per cent of the recruits to retire after four years of service without pension and health benefits but with a payout package of around Rs 11.70 lakh.

Following the announcement, violent protests broke out in several parts of the country.

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