Ajit Arora The New Producer In Btown


Mumbai: The CEO & Founder of AURORA PRODUCTIONS, Ajit Arora is a successful entrepreneur, having businesses across the globe, has now set his foot in the cinema world with an ecstatic vision. Aurora productions released their first web film, #377 Ab Normal on the digital platform ZEE5 Premium, which went on to become a massive success.

The film was not only well received and celebrated amongst the audience, but was also appreciated by the members of the film fraternity. So, now the onus is greater on Ajit Arora to live up to the expectations of his audience, hence he is pernickety about the content he chooses to produce next and soon the production house will announce their upcoming venture.

When asked about his emphasis on the content he produces- Ajit Arora said, “Filmmaking is an art, a perfect blend of supreme content and artistic people. I am back in Mumbai to follow my dream of creating content that tells stories, therefore have become a producer. I believe the production of any content is an offspring of a producer. Therefore, as a Producer, I will always consider content to be of paramount importance, as today’s audience is well versed with both- real and reel worlds.”

With this, we are now assured to expect some interesting and content driven projects from Aurora productions very soon. You’ve got us all ears after what you’ve said Ajit, and we are definitely looking forward to the next Aurora venture.

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