All Reports Stating Shramik Special Trains Took Over 72 Hrs To Reach Their Destination Are Fake: Railway Board Chairman

Mumbai: Rejecting all the bogus reports stating that the Shramik train reaches Siwan from Surat in nine days, Railway Board Chairman Vinod Kumar Yadav said that out of a total of 3,840, four shramik special trains have to reach their destination in 72 hours. It has taken more than 90 per cent and trains.

Normal mail has been run with a higher average speed than express trains.

“A media report said that a train reached Siwan from Surat in nine days. This is fake news. The train reached its destination in two days. Out of a total of 3,840 trains, only four trains have reached their destination in 72 hours. It has taken a long time. 90 per cent trains have been run with an average speed higher than normal mail express trains,” he said.

Addressing a press conference here, Yadav said that trains were diverted only during May 20-24 and “during this time, more than 250 trains were run daily. 90 per cent of these trains were for UP and Bihar, Congested routes. ”

“Out of a total of 3,840 labor special trains, only 71 (1.85 per cent) have been diverted for only four days, as we were running more trains to meet the requirements of the state governments. This caused congestion in the route,” he said.

He said, “Most trains started between 2 pm and 12 pm due to the time taken before the original preparations. Trains are run every 5-10 minutes, instead of every half hour.”

Indian Railways started Shramik Special trains from May 1 amid lockdown to send migrant labourers back home. Since May 12, 15 pairs of special trains have also been running for general passengers from different cities of the country. Railways plans to run 100 pairs of special trains from 1 June.

The country is under the fourth phase of a coronovirus-induced lockdown, which will continue until May 31. The lockdown was first implemented in March to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

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