Amit Shah Praises PM Modi, Says ‘People Took Decision With Great Patience’

Shah has stood by his remark that no nation can develop when its citizens are illiterate

Mumbai: Union Home Minister Amit Shah Wednesday congratulated Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he completed 20 years of services as head of the government and underlined the achievements of PM Modi ever since he decided to be the PM from CM of Gujarat.

While addressing the inaugural session of the National Conference of “Delivering Democracy: Reviewing Two decades of Narendra Modi as head of government in Delhi, Shah said, “What govt did we have at the time of 2014 polls? We had a govt where cabinet ministers didn’t consider PM, a PM; everybody considered themselves the PM.”

“There was policy paralysis. Perhaps respect for India was at its lowest, corruption of Rs 12 Lakh Cr! There were questions on internal security. It seemed our democratic system would collapse at any time. At that time BJP decided to field then Gujarat CM as its PM candidate,” Shah added.

Shah further applauded the multi-party democratic decision of giving power to Narendra Modi and said, “After the 1960s & by 2014 people doubted if the multi-party democratic system can be successful…People wondered if the system failed, as it didn’t yield fruitful results. With great patience, they took a decision & gave power to PM Modi with an absolute majority.”

Shah has stood by his remark that no nation can develop when its citizens are illiterate.

“I was trolled but I’d like to say again that ‘no nation can develop with the army of illiterates’, it’s govts’ responsibility to educate them. Somebody who doesn’t know his Constitutional rights can’t contribute to the nation, as much as it can be done,” Amit Shah.

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