Andhra Pradesh Assembly Passed Resolution Against NPR, Says It Fears People

Mumbai: Assembly of Andhra Pradesh on Wednesday passed a resolution against the National Population Register (NPR) exercise in its current format, and asked the centre to use to 2010 format of the exercise.

The proposal was introduced by Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Minority Welfare Amazth Basha Shaik Bepari, which was adopted in the Budget session of the Assembly.

Deputy CM Bepari says, the resolution states that NPR in its current format is causing fear in minds of people.

Addition of new columns, pertaining to parents’ place & date of birth, mother tongue etc, in NPR 2020 has led to unnecessary confusion and lack of trust amongst the people.

He further said that people are fearing from NPR and NRC.

Government of Andhra Pradesh has requested the Central Government to revert the NPR exercise to 2010 format and the process should be kept in abeyance for some time.

States like Kerala and West Bengal had already opposed the conduct of National Public Register, connecting it to NRC which isn’t still announced by the centre.

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