Article 144 Continues To Be In Action But With Exception In Some Places

Mumbai: The Jammu and Kashmir region is still under Mobile and internet connection blackout for straight five days. The government, however, has partly restored the telephone services in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday morning. With Bakri-Eid approaching in a few days the state administration has eased restrictions on the movement of people so they can perform their Friday prayers next week.

The Deputy Commissioner of Udhampur, Mr Piyush Singla said, “Section 144 is still imposed, but with some exception in the certain areas. The security plan is in place. Vulnerable areas are being monitored closely. Markets are also open from 11 AM to 5 PM.”

The government had imposed article 144 in order to avoid any conflict, riot-like situation in the state due to the abrogation of article 370- that removes the special status of the state. Also, the entire state was vulnerable to the terror attack. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also stated that the government is providing every possible help to people who live outside of Jammu-Kashmir and want to go back for Eid.

Schools of some regions have reopened and people can be seen moving outside in the cities like Udhampur. Jama Masjid, Srinagar’s main mosque, however, will remain closed, but people will be allowed to conduct prayers in their local areas. The authorities have asked the people to not to leave their local areas for prayers or any other thing as the restrictions are not yet removed.

“The people are allowed to pray in their neighbourhood, there is no restriction on that. But they should not move out of their local areas,” said Jammu and Kashmir Police chief, Dilbagh Singh. It is also reported that if today’s prayers run smoothly the restrictions can further be eased in other cities.

Thousands of Security personnel are positioned in the valley to avoid any trouble. The state is on high alert and speculations are that there is a probable terror attack.

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