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As Odd-Even Scheme Is Back In Delhi, 200 Traffic Police Has Been Deployed For Smooth Functioning

Mumbai: Delhi NCR stays going high in the pollution level, the people are suffering through tremendous problems regarding their health. Even if they are told to stay indoors or reschedule their activities.

Earlier the Kejriwal had introduced the odd-even scheme to reduce the pollution of the vehicles in the city. Under this scheme, the odd-even number of cars runs alternately on the Delhi road.  This was introduced by the AAP government for combating pollution of vehicles and first implemented in 2015.

For the smooth implementation of this scheme, the Delhi commissioners of police (traffic) had deployed 200 teams. This is the third time this scheme is running in the state. 5,000 civil defense volunteers are also trained to increase awareness.

“We will deploy 200 teams across the city for smooth implementation of the odd-even scheme,” Taj Hassan (SCP) of traffic said.  Each unit will consist of the four traffic police to keep a watch.

This scheme is being started in the morning at 8 am today in which the last number of the number plate on the car will be considered in the odd-even scheme and they will run on roads. This scheme will be concluded on Nov. 15.

On this, the BJP leader Vijay goel had claimed this as an ‘election stunt’ of Kejriwal and hence he would violate this.

“My violation of odd-even scheme of the Kejriwal government will be symbolic because it’s an election stunt and drama in view of the assembly election,” Vijay Goel said. He also said that he would be riding odd-numbered vehicles on an even day as it is an election stunt.

Earlier the Rajya sabha members have violated this scheme and paid the penalty of Rs. 2000 in 2016.

“With exemptions to 70 lakh two-wheelers, cab aggregators Ola and Uber, three-wheelers and women drivers, the odd-even scheme has been rendered a mere gimmick and an election stunt,” Geol added.

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