Asaduddin Owaisi Foresees a Hijab-Wearing Woman Leading India, Doubts Modi’s Retirement

Mumbai: In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, AIMIM leader and sitting MP Asaduddin Owaisi shared his vision for India’s future, expressing his belief that a woman wearing a hijab will one day lead the nation. While acknowledging that he may not be around to witness this historic moment himself, Owaisi asserted, “It will happen, inshallah.”

Owaisi’s remarks come amidst a crucial electoral battle in his constituency of Hyderabad, with voters set to participate in the fourth phase of the Lok Sabha elections on May 13. Despite facing political challenges, Owaisi remains steadfast in his convictions, emphasizing the importance of defeating Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ideological stance.

Regarding Modi’s recent comments targeting the Muslim community, Owaisi criticized the Prime Minister, asserting that such rhetoric aligns with Modi’s longstanding beliefs. He accused Modi of perpetuating divisions and suspicion about Muslims, labeling his remarks as “a pack of lies” and a return to his original agenda of “spewing venom.”

When questioned about his decision not to form alliances with other opposition parties, Owaisi defended his stance, highlighting that his party had proposed joining forces but was met with rejection. He remained undeterred by the challenges of fighting alone, stating, “Life itself is a challenge,” and expressing confidence in his party’s ability to lay a strong foundation for the future.

In the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, Owaisi will face BJP’s Madhavi Lata in what promises to be a closely watched battle for Hyderabad’s parliamentary seat. As the political landscape continues to evolve, Owaisi’s vision for a diverse and inclusive India remains at the forefront of his political agenda.

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