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Becoming A Guiding Light For So Many People In Need Is Congress Party Member, Dr. Shivanand Hulyalkar

Hulyalkar is working on a pilot project of Maharashtra called the E-health system for making people more aware of health and wellbeing

Taking the first step forward in making a significant impact on an individual’s life is something people need to learn more in a society that is so filled with selfishness, it needs people who can work selflessly for others and make them believe in the power of humanity and nobleness. Showing great signs of both the qualities is Congress party member Shivanand Hulyalkar. This man has served the party for the past 15 years and since then has been on his toes to keep working for the people in need.

From the time there has been an outbreak of COVID-19 in our country, Hulyalkar has been meeting different people, officials and ministers to make sure all the people in need are provided with essentials and other provisions to take care of their wellbeing. Right from helping the daily wage workers, to the common man, to the police officials to the people stranded at different locations overseas and in our country; this man has been standing tall for helping them in one way or the other and has been inspiring others as well for doing the same.

His latest venture is an E-health system which is just Rs 3500/- would do 50 checkups of individuals. The results of which would be given in 10 minutes and the machine has been imported from Germany. This serves as a strong pilot project of Maharashtra and would be of great help to many.

Currently, his work is focused on bringing back people in our country who have been stranded in different countries and are looking out for ways to reach their homes. He has so far rescued people from Rajasthan, Kota, and even abroad and brought them back safely to Pune, and many other parts of Maharashtra. He also sent ten buses for the rescue operation from his side for which he took permissions from Rajasthan and Maharashtra Chief Ministers as well, namely Ashok Gehlot and Uddhav Thackeray respectively.

The All India Congress party Media Coordinator, this year did not celebrate his birthday so that he can fully put all his focus on the ground activities for reaching out to more people.

Hulyalkar also is the head honcho of his privately owned firm, having the corporate office in Delhi and head office in BKC, Mumbai. They are making efforts in providing the facilities of helicopters, airplanes, air ambulances for people in need in different countries. His respect for the system is also shown in helping police officials by distributing 10,000 masks, sanitizers, gloves, and other essentials. He has also provided medicines to them in the form of Ayurvedic Kadha to all the departments for improving their immunity.

Not just that, Hulyalkar would also be providing water facilities, free checkups, counseling and awareness with a large team of doctors and an ambulance bus through his NGO called Laxmibai Welfare Foundation. Recently, he made a request to the government to open gyms because many employees have been dependent on that as that is their only livelihood. 

Hulyalkar is a superhero in the disguise of a party member and worker who is determined with his work to make a positive change in the lives of many.

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