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Benefits Of Govt Schemes Don’t Reach Poor Without Consent Of TMC’s ‘Tolabaaz’: PM Modi in Hooghly

Mumbai: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday accused the Mamata Banerjee government of doing vote bank politics. He said that people of West Bengal are forbidden to perform “Durga puja and visarjan”.

While campaigning for the saffron party ahead of the assembly elections in the state, the Prime Minister asserted that the BJP government was not just for political ‘poribartan’ (political change), but for ‘asol poribartan’ (real change) in Bengal Should be Was created He said that Kamal will bring ‘U esol Poribartan’, which aims to create youth.

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“BJP will work for such BJP Sonar Bangla” which will strengthen the history and culture of Bengal. A Bengal where faith, spirituality and enterprise will be respected; Where there will be development for all and no one will be appeased. A Bengal which will be ‘tolabaji-mukt’ and ‘rojgar-yukt’,” the prime minister said while addressing a public meeting in Hooghly.

He further attacked the Mamta government, saying that the benefits of government schemes do not reach the poor people without the consent of all the tolabaaz’ of the Trinamool Congress (TMC).

“The Center transfers the money directly to the bank accounts of farmers and the poor. But the monetary benefit of the Bengal government schemes does not reach the poor without the consent of all the ‘Tolabaz’ of TMC. This is why TMC leaders are getting richer and normal families are becoming poorer,” the PM said.

Targeting the Trinamool Congress, the Prime Minister accused the state government of corruption and not doing development work in the state.

“Of the 1-1.75 crore households (in WB), only 9 lakh have a water pipeline. The way the state government works, it is no surprise how many years it will take to deliver water to the poor. This shows that TMC doing injustice to ‘Bengal Ki Beti’. Can they be forgiven?” he said.

The PM also talked about the Centre’s plan for Bengal in the coming year. He said that this year ‘rail and metro’ connectivity will be the priority of the government.

“Such work should be done decades ago and now, we should not delay – infrastructure projects are being funded, from widening rail lines to electrification,” he said.

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