Bhutan Announces 1-Week Nationwide Lockdown To Combat Coronavirus

Mumbai: The Bhutan government said on Tuesday that it would implement a nationwide lockout for seven days starting Wednesday to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Issuing an order, the government said that the nationwide lockout would enable the government to control the spread of the disease and would also set the extent of transmission in communities.

“With regard to the inter-district movement imposed this morning, the National COVID-19 Taskforce decided to require more drastic action after detecting sporadic cases at flu clinics in Thimphu and Paro and also at Lhamoizingkha, which would allow local broadcasts Clears, “the statement said.

“In doing so, His Majesty has commanded that this should be a minimum inconvenience to our people. The government will endeavor to work in that direction,” he said.

While only designated shops and essential services within the zone will be available, all schools, institutions, offices, and business establishments will remain closed during the locking period.

Similarly, movement of persons with cards within the zone and delivery of essential items will begin in Thimphu from Wednesday as it will be completed on the third day of lockdown. However, zone exemptions will not apply in households under segregation.

According to an update of the Ministry of Health’s Himalayan Empire on 22 December, the total number of COVID-19 cases was 479, of which 430 have been recovered. Bhutan is yet to register a COVID-19 disaster.

During the lockdown, the agencies concerned will ensure that there is no disruption in the supply of other essential items including commodities, vegetables and animal feeds within the country. The government will also facilitate and ensure minimal disruption in imports and exports of all goods.

The government said, “We have decided on a seven-day lockdown. The pattern of transmission of the disease will move forward. This time, we have a clear indication of mass local broadcasting and have urged people to take maximum precautions.”

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