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Biden, Harris’ Win In US Presidential Election Officially Confirmed By Congress

Mumbai: US Congress on Thursday (IST) certified a total of 306 electoral college votes in favour of President-elect Joe Biden, thus confirming enough votes to declare him the winner in the US election over Donald Trump. On the other hand, the Republican leader eventually accepted and agreed to enable the “orderly transition”

The House and Senate confirmed the Democratic Electoral College victory on Thursday, following a violent outbreak of Trump supporters through the Capitol on Wednesday. A woman was badly shot, windows were smashed and the crowd shook MPs and colleagues, who were gunned down by the Capitol Police.

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Democrat Joe Biden has now cleared the way to be sworn in as US President on January 20 as Vice President Mike Pence announced Thursday that Congress has confirmed the results of states showing Biden the winner in the US election.

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After a three-hour uproar, congressional houses resumed their work certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory, arguing for several hours. Following the debate, the House and Senate overruled two objections and certified the final electoral college vote with Biden getting 306 and Trump with 232 votes.

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