BJP Governments In UP, Assam Are Targeting Madrassas: Muslim Body

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Mumbai: All India Muslim Personal Law Board General Secretary Khalid Saifullah Rahmani in a statement said that BJP governments in Uttar Pradesh and Assam “are after the madrassas over very small violations” and are “targeting” them.

Alluding to the BJP, AIMPLB general secretary Maulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani in an explanation said that the legislatures of a party, which is impacted by the RSS, at the Center and in certain states were having a negative methodology towards minorities, particularly the Muslim people group.

“At the point when a party impacted by a specific idea comes to drive, it is normal that its methodology will be fair-minded and inside the casing of our Constitution,” he said.

The assertion came against the setting of the Uttar Pradesh government’s choice to direct an overview of unnoticed madrassas in the state to accumulate insights regarding the number of educators and understudies, educational plans, and essential offices accessible there, among others.

Rahmani said Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has spoken in Parliament and different spots about the significance of peace and lawfulness however different legislatures in BJP-managed states, their mentality is the inverse.

“The manner by which BJP legislatures in Assam and UP have been after the madrassas over tiny infringement and are focusing on the madrassas by shutting, destroying them and in any event, irritating individuals working in the madrasas and masjids by claiming that they were psychological militants with practically no justifiable excuse,” he said in the articulation gave on Thursday.

“On the off chance that demolishing structures is the main choice for any infringement, for what reason don’t they adopt a comparable strategy for gurukuls, mutts and dharmshalas as they do on account of madrassas and mosques,” Rahmani inquired.

It appears to be that the public authority is getting things done at its own will and asking states to rehearse what is written in the Constitution.

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