BJP Promises Anti-Love Jihad Law In Kerala Ahead Of Polls

Mumbai: BJP President of Kerala Surendran said his party would bring a law against ‘love jihad’ – a term allegedly used to convert non-Muslim women to Islam under the guise of marriage – if they came to power in the state.

Surendran said that they would enact anti-conversion laws on the lines of the one passed by the Uttar Pradesh government.

“Love jihad is now a serious concern. Apart from Hindu organs, Christian organizations and churches are also demanding (Laws against Love Jihad). So, we plan to include in our manifesto (for the upcoming assembly elections) that we will bring a law against Love Jihad, like the Uttar Pradesh government.”

Elections are to be held in Kerala later this year in April-May.

Love jihad is a term used by some Hindu activists who believe that Muslim men marry women belonging to non-Muslim communities for religious conversion.

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