BJP To Make Sedetion Law Ahead Of Draconian

Mumbai: On Friday, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh took a swipe at Congress and sais countering them on their manifesto regarding sedition law.

He said that BJP will make the sedition law even stiffer when they will come in for a 2nd term.

“Should we forgive them who are trying to separate India? Whom they are indicating to end the sedition law? We will make it even more rigid”, Singh said while addressing a rally.

The week before on 3rd April, Uttar Padres CM Yogi Aditya Nath also criticized Congress for oathing to scrap the law.

“It is a shameful thing of Congress that they are promising in their manifesto to scrap the law on sedition. This is used for terrorists who are a mix in terror activities”, CM said.

The sedition law is stated in section 124A of the Indian Penal Code(IPC), “Anybody by spoken words or written, by Signalising or by representation who brings detestation towards a government which is established by law shall be sentenced with imprisonment life-fine will be added or with imprisonment up to 3 years-fine will be added.”

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