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BJP’s Eyes Blindfolded With Ego; Can’t See Rising Inflation: Rahul

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Mumbai: Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has criticised the BJP-led Centre for rising inflation by sharing a chart of increases in prices of eight basic commodities.

The remarks came soon after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman raised the issue of rising prices – as flagged by the opposition – and said there was no question of India going into inflation or recession.

“Engrossed in celebrating amritkaal, the BJP government said in the house that there is no inflation in the country. Well, how will they see inflation? With their eyes covered by a blindfold of ego, selling the country’s property in ‘Free Fund’ to mitron,” Gandhi alleged today, sharing a graphic.

Soon after the Finance Minister’s address, the Congress had said that Sitharaman’s reply to the debate in the Lok Sabha on price hike was nothing but “nil” and hoped that a problem existed.

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