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Bluetick Consultants Revealed Their Top 3 PPC Strategies Through Case Studies

Need Of The Hour For Digital Marketing Strategy

Indore, Madhya Pradesh: PPC has gained a lot of momentum for online advertising and marketing due to the outcomes it can generate. While PPC gives good results the planning is intensive and time-consuming. Bluetick Consultants, experts in digital marketing have shared their top PPC strategies which have worked for them over the decade.

While most think of PPC as equivalent to running Google Ads, it involves much more than that. Multiple platforms come into play for a PPC campaign to achieve the goals. Not only are there many networks to choose from, but each also has a strategic reason for being chosen on the basis of the industry and goals set. While smaller businesses focus on a single platform, the case studies done by Bluetick Consultants show that usage of a good mix of platforms for PPC gives better coverage and outcomes. Other than Google PPC Ads, other popular options include Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Twitter Ads, Snapchat and TikTok for business to name a few. For clients in the retail industry like FMCG, Fashion, and Cosmetics focus should be more on Google, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram Ad platforms, for corporate focussed products and services Twitter and LinkedIn have proven to be better platforms.

Shivang Bakliwal, Director at Bluetick Consultants highlighted audience targeting as one of the top strategies basis of the case studies’ learnings. “While traditional marketing is done with mediums like billboards and radio ads depending on location and time to cover a generic audience outline, digital PPC marketing gives you the tools to accurately select the target audience on every platform and make changes as the campaign runs. This has proven as a great strategy for our clients in the beauty and fashion industry. Precise targeting helps make the most from the ads spent.”

Another critical strategy highlighted from one of the success stories is the testability and improvement aspect of PPC marketing services. Saloni Tapdiya, Co-founder and CTO at Bluetick Consultants said, “as a marketing agency, the testing of ads and measuring the outcome is an important part of the PPC strategy. A good Google ad specialist would always check the ad’s performance and run tests on multiple ads to determine the best ad to reach the audience. Changes can be made to PPC keywords, targeting, budgeting and even the time frame for which the ads will be run. In the sports industry, where the ads need to be changed often to match the upcoming tournaments, this comes in very handy. Measurement of the performance of the ads also keeps the clients aware of accomplishments.”

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