Bois Locker Room: Girl Use Fake Account To Suggest Plan For Sexual Assault

Mumbai: In its investigation into the ‘Bois Locker Room’ case, the Delhi Police have stumbled upon a conversation on Snapchat where a girl, posing as a male, suggested a “sexual assault plan” to a boy just to test his “values and character”.

Delhi Police on Sunday said last month’s conversation was not related to the ‘Boise Locker Room’ Instagram group in which pornographic messages and morphed photos of young girls were shared.

However, the devices of the two teenagers involved in the Snapchat conversation have been seized and sent for forensic analysis.

When the ‘Bois Locker Room’ case became known, screenshots of several chats were shared on social media. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Cybercrime Unit) Anish Roy said that one of them had a chat on Snapchat, in which a ‘Siddharth’ suggested: “planned sexual assault” of a girl.

Investigation revealed that the Snapchat conversation was actually between a girl and a boy. The girl created a fake profile named ‘Siddharth’ and suggested a sexual harassment plan to test the boy’s reaction and test his character, he said.

The boy refused to participate in any such plans and stopped communication. Roy said, however, that he took a screenshot of the chat and reported it to his friends, including a conversation with the girl. 

So far police have arrested the group administrator of the #BoisLockerRoom from Noida and apprehended a juvenile who was in the group. Of the 27 boys, 24 have been examined, two are out of reach and the details of one more are awaited.

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