Boris Johnson’s Motion To Hold Snap Elections Rejected

Mumbai: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s attempt to hold an early-elections in the country went in vain as he failed to gain the required two-thirds majority. Only 293 MPs supported Johnson’s new motion, short of the 434 mark which is the required amount to conduct the snap elections.

Boris Johnson slammed the opposition for not supporting his motion by saying that they wished to delay the Brexit again. He said, “I earlier urged the House to trust people but once again the opposition think they know better.”

He further added that the opposition has denied the people’s say in an election. He told the house, “They want to delay the Brexit yet again. Not only have they refused to choose the way ahead, but they have also twice denied the British people their say in an election.”

The Conservative Party leader said that the government has discontinued the Parliament for five weeks, “Now the house will be suspended until mid-October,” he said. On 14th October the parliament will resume its duties that is only 12 days before Britain exits from the EU.

The Conservative government is trying to forge a deal with the opposition over the UK’s withdrawal from the EU. He said that his government will strive hard and will not delay the Brexit “any further” and “will strive to get an agreement in the national interest.”

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