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“BOW TAG” Introduced By Satya Singh Is The New Talk In The Fashion Industry

The Indian sarees are worn by the women of India centuries before as part of their traditions. The Indian sarees are considered by the women in India as the ideal outfit for every occasion like a marriage or a festival.

But during the present times, women from all over the world consider the Indian sarees as part of a growing trend. It has turned out to be a dress for parties. For some women, even though they are not from India, they still wear the Indian sarees daily. There are also other cultures and religions in the world wherein women use sarees. The Muslim women use sarees, although they do not drape it over their shoulder. Instead, they put it over their head.

To match these upcoming new trends, Ms. Satya Singh, a Fashion Vlogger & Blogger has introduced “BOW TAG” Saree. The influencer in an attempt to bring something unique and different introduced “BOW” in the traditional attire. 

The idea behind introducing the “BOW” was to make Sarees wearable even at workplaces, besides professional events. Nowadays, westernization is influencing fashion, giving birth to contrast patterns and designs. Various Saree designs are cherished by women & girls, including the “Ruffle”, “Colorblocked” & “Floral”, while the Bow can be paired with them to achieve a chic and classy look at the same time. 

 Satya runs a fashion store named GlanzSpot that brings designer clothes on an online platform so that pieces can be customized according to the customer and available to everyone. With its successful launch, Glanzspot has proved to be a trustworthy brand and has turned out to be a successful venture. Satya keeps on collaborating with different brands as a Style Guide and Style Consultant. She assists, guides, and even provides styling and fabrics online if reached out to her by shopping stores.

On being asked about the uniqueness of her creation she says, “This is a passion that replenishes my mind with fresh ideas and that one can always fetch new ideas from the surroundings”.

 The evolution of saree from being a traditional classic attire to modern and different draping styles has become a wardrobe essential for every single girl. Talking about the modern draping styles, Ms. Satya says, “These six yards of beauty can be draped in thousands of ways. And such iterations will put Saree in limelight with Gen Z globally,” added Satya.

 The fusion of ruffle saree with BOW has revolutionized the fashion industry and made it popular across the world. The focus of the creation is to ensure that the women stay at the center of attraction, and this time with a twist. 

Satya keeps creating designs that are suitable for women for different age groups. She wants to explore more and is looking forward to creating designs that can be wearable, fresh, trendy, and pocket-friendly at the same time.

In the past, she has been featured in several fashion magazines as a Fashion Blogger and Influencer. Additionally, she is an IT Professional and pours her heart in following her passion. Satya says, “One should never give up on their passions.” 

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