By Opening Space Sector, India Will Be Able To Play An Important Role In Global Space Economy: ISRO chief

Mumbai: ISRO chief K Sivan said on Thursday that opening up the space sector to private enterprises would help in benefiting from space technology and enable Indian industries to become an important player in the global space economy.

“If the space sector is opened up (to private enterprises), the capacity of the entire country can be harnessed to benefit from space technology. This will not only accelerate the growth of the sector but will also enable Indian industries. The head of the Indian Space Research Organization said that there are important players in the global space economy.

Sivan said that far-reaching improvements in space technology in India will put the country into a league of select countries.

“As part of long-term socio-economic reforms, space reforms will improve access to space-based services for India’s development. Far-reaching reforms allow India efficient promotion of private-sector space activities in the league of some countries And authorities will put up with the mechanism,” he said.

Talking about reforms the government is planning to implement in the country’s space sector he said, “The space sector, where India is among a handful of countries with advanced space technology, can play a significant role in boosting the industrial base of India.”

“The government’s decision is to implement reform measures to take advantage of ISRO’s achievement by opening up the space sector to the private sector,” he said.

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He further stated that “the Department of Space will promote the space activities of the region to enable the termination of space services including the manufacture and launch of rockets and satellites as well as providing space-based services on a commercial basis.”

The ISRO chief said, “With this, there is massive employment in the technology sector and an opportunity for India to become a global technology superpower.”

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