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Call for Historical Accuracy: Himayat Ali Mirza Urges Ban on Controversial ‘Razakar’ Film

Himayat Ali Mirza, the great-grandson of Nizam VII (Former ruler and first Governor of Hyderabad), belonging to one of the most prestigious families in the world and a passionate advocate for preserving historical accuracy and social harmony, has requested the Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, the Central Board of Film Certification, and Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji to ban the movie titled “Razakar.” The film is alleged to depict inaccuracies surrounding the Nizam’s rule, promoting hatred and causing communal tensions.

Himayat Ali Mirza expressed deep concern over the release of the movie trailer, particularly on Telangana Liberation Day, September 17. He questions the historical accuracy, communal harmony, and the approval process by the censor board for a movie that has the potential to distort facts and incite division within society.

Himayat strongly protests against the defamation of Nizam’s image in the movie trailer, stating that such misrepresentations affect the mental well-being of individuals and create a sense of enmity among the people. He emphasizes the unparalleled contributions and philanthropy of Nizam towards the region, urging the public to remember him for his visionary leadership and significant contributions to India’s defence, infrastructure, and education. He made significant contributions to education and science and played a pivotal role in the establishment of Osmania University, Osmania General Hospital, Osman Sagar and Himayat Sagar on Musi River, Falaknuma Palace, Begumpet airport and many more. Nizam is also widely revered in other countries, including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and France for his significant contributions to humanity. The British government enjoyed a strong relationship with the Nizam. Presently, Hyderabad is recognized globally as the city of the Nizams.

Himayat being a socialist has spoken out on important matters, emphasizing the need to conserve water bodies like Himayat Sagar and Osman Sagar, promote the creation of additional green parks in the city on numerous acres of city land acquired from his family under the Urban Land Ceiling Act of 1976, and address concerns related to pollution, increasing employment and other serious issues. Expressing solidarity with concerned citizens, including political leaders, Himayat calls for a ban on movies that promote hatred and create divisions among people. He asserts that the Nizam prioritized humanity over religious beliefs and played a pivotal role in supporting the Indian Army during a critical period.

Mirza also requests the Censor Board and the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting to thoroughly cross-check facts and sources of information before approving films that have the potential to cause social unrest. He vows to pursue justice through the High Courts and, if necessary, the Supreme Court of India, filing a defamation case against any further disrespect shown towards the name of Nizam, his great-grandfather.

Himayat also calls for a fair and accurate portrayal of historical figures and events, urging filmmakers and authorities to consider the potential impact of their creations on public sentiment, communal harmony, and the legacy of leaders like the Nizam.

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