Care4U: An App For Elderly

Mumbai: Students of IIT Kharagpur developed an app for the elder people. The app’s main objective is to keep the elderly person in touch with the caregiver, no matter how far he or she might be from the elder person. The interdisciplinary team of second-year B-tech students created two interconnected smartphone android app, this will help the caregiver to provide immediate help to the elderly. One of the apps could be downloaded on the elder person phone while the other could be installed on the caregivers.

“The neutral network-based fall detection algorithm in the app installed on the phone of the elderly can detect whether the elderly has fallen down. If there is a fall, it automatically calls the caregiver and emergency services with the location of the elderly people.” A source said. The app could also detect the elderly person’s emotions by taking a picture and calculating a mood index. It also has a medicine reminder feature, which reminds both the caregiver and the elderly person.

If an elderly person ever felt lonely or sad, the app also knows a way to brighten their mood. The cognitive intelligence chatbot detects the user’s mood and suggests a motivational quote or plays a melody of their times.

“We customized it to recognize the current mood of the person and accordingly, fine-tune its a conversation with that of a person. For example, the chatbots can recommend a motivational quote or an old song when the person is sad, ” Kanishka Haldar a team member from the department of electronics and electrical communication engineering said.

Except for the chatbot, the app can work without an internet connection. One of the team members, Aadi swadip to Monday said, “The best thing about our app is that except for the chatbot, all other machine learning models run on the mobile itself, so no cloud service is needed,”

Another team member Pratha Sarathi Roy explained that a medicine list can be prepared by clicking a picture of the medicine, “The image- to- text recognition algorithm of CARE4U automatically detects the name of the medicine has to be consumed,”

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