Centre Is Fulfilling Its Mission Of ‘Abki baar Fuel 100 Par’ Says Jaiveer Shergill

Mumbai: Congress leader Jx` reprimanded the central government over the steady rise in fuel prices, saying the ruling party is fulfilling its mission of “Abki baar fuel 100 par”.

Talking to ANI Shergill said, “There is no date in the calendar when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has not increased the price of the cylinder in the last two months. This is the fourth increase, which is creating a backlash. This is an insult to the hurt of the common people. By continuously increasing the price of fuel, the BJP government is fulfilling its mission of Abki baar fuel 100 par.”

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“The finance minister must consider giving cycle subsidies,” he added.

This comes as the central government hiked the fuel and petrol prices in the national capital.

Shergill tweeted his video to make the point on the petrol and diesel price hike. In a tweet, he said, “As BJP will be soon fulfilling its price mission “Abki baar petrol/diesel Rs100 par” Finance Minister should consider announcing “cycle subsidy” as motor-vehicles will soon fall into “rare usage” category. The day is not far when the cycle will become the symbol of “Expensive India” rather than “Fit India.”

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“Now the car is going to be like a piece of jewelry, which would be used occasionally,” he added.

Petrol and diesel prices in the national capital rose to Rs 88.99 per litre and Rs 79.35 per litre respectively on Monday. Compared to yesterday, the price of petrol has become 26 paise expensive while the price of diesel has increased by 29 paise.

(With ANI Inputs) 

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