China Asks For Close Consultations In UN About The Article 370 Abrogation

Mumbai: Pakistan wrote a letter to the Security Council President that discussed the abrogation of article 370 which provided special status to the state of Jammu Kashmir. The Kashmir state has always been a topic of dispute between India and Pakistan. China who has been Pakistan’s closest ally has asked the UNSC for a closed-consultations over the India-Pakistan dispute.

According to the reports for PTI, one of the UN diplomats said that there was a request made for such a meeting but no date is scheduled yet.

“China asked for closed consultations on the Security Council agenda item, ‘India Pakistan Question’ The request was in reference to the Pakistani letter to Security Council President,” said the Diplomat. China had formally submitted a request for the meeting, but Poland had to take into account other members’ opinion before deciding on the time and date of the meeting.

Pakistani Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood had sent the formal letter to the president of UNSC through Permanent Representative Lodhi to convene the meeting. He had also mentioned that China supported Pakistan for the letter and hence they have requested a meeting. To which Chinese foreign minister Wang had also said that China supports Pakistan over the Kashmir matter.

“China will stand up for justice on the Kashmir issue,”   

The Indian Foreign Minister, S. Jaishankar told the Chinese diplomat, “the decision to revoke the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was an internal matter of India” and he further added that the issue related to change a temporary provision in the constitution of India was a sole prerogative of the country.

He stated, “India was not raising any additional territorial claims. The Chinese concerns in this regard were therefore misplaced. The abrogation did not impact the LoC where India and Pakistan relations are concerned, the Chinese side should base its assessment on realities, India as a responsible power had shown restraint in case of provocative Pakistani actions. India has always stood for normalization of the ties in an atmosphere free of terror.”

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