China’s Covid-19 Vaccine Shows Promising Results In Early Trials

Mumbai: A vaccine developed in China for Covid-19 shows promising results and appears to protect people from the novel coronavirus as per the reports by the researchers.

Those who received the dose of the vaccine produced certain immune cells, calmed T cells within 2 weeks while the antibodies needed for immunity peaked at 28 days after the inoculation, read a report in The New York Times.

Apart from pain at the injection site, close to half of the participants also reported fever, fatigue, and headaches, and about one in five had muscle pain. 

The participants could anticipate the low or high doses that may have influenced their perception of side effects.

China has carried out Phase-1 of vaccine trials carried out in various laboratories on 108 patients aged 18-60.

The vaccine has been classified as ‘recombinant Adenovirus type-5 Vectored’ (Ad5-nCov) directs the immune system to fight the virus. The Phase-2 vaccine trials have been started with 508 volunteers.

Several scientists around the world are in the race of developing the vaccine to the deadly virus that has infected more than 5 million people in the world and has claimed more than 3 Lakh lives.

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