Chinese Paramilitary Forces Seen In Shenzhen Stadium, Examining The Hong Kong Protests

Mumbai: Hundreds of Chinese PAP were seen exercising in a stadium in Shenzhen on Thursday just when the US state expressed concern over china’s direct attack on the protestors. The US had earlier said that any move from China’s side could hamper the special treatment with Hong Kong.

According to Reuters men in fatigues and dark dresses could be seen in the stadium and loud shouts and whistles were heard. The stadium is next to a shopping complex and shoppers were milling around the area but, the entrance to the stadium is closed. The stadium’s parking space was filled with dark paramilitary vehicles.

Troop truck, armoured personal carriers, buses and jeeps were also spotted in the parking spaces. Two vehicles were carrying water cannons. The violence has been increasing ever since the protest broke out against the extradition bill, the protests are in the tenth week and it has put Hong Kong into worst-case scenarios, both social and economic.

The troops were seen moving in and out of the stadium some dressed in fatigues while some in black T-shirts and camouflage pants, the floor of an indoor area visible through an open gate was lined with mats and rucksacks. The Global times a nationalist tabloid said that the vehicles belonged to the People’s Armed Police and had gathered for large public exercise. It is also a symbol of Clear Warning to the Roosters of Hong Kong.

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