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Christmas Celebration At Krunk Ming Yang Hotel Saw Guest Dance To Christmas Carols

Mumbai : Christmas celebrations have always been the talk of the town. The celebrations are not just restricted for the believer’s of faith, there are those who would be celebrating this festival to make their year-end memorable. Almost all the cities in India celebrates the festivals of joy and happiness.

Similarly, many hotels in Mumbai organized Christmas parties. Which attracts youngsters to dance, eat and have a great time. Hotel Krunk Ming Yang, a multi-cuisine restaurant located at Ulhasnagar also organized a wonderful Christmas party. Employees dressed as Santa, showering sweets and dancing on Christmas carols. Guest too danced alongside Santa and had a great time. People sang and drank the whole night and made their evening memorable. Open-mic were set up and the guest were encouraged to sing and dance on Christmas beats.

Many businesses have introduced a new menu in their restaurants, keeping the festive spirit in mind. Families were seen rushing to restaurants, malls and shops to have a taste of the treats which are usually only available during Christmas time. With plum and rum cake always on demand during the season.

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