Climate Entrepreneur Shreya Ghodawat Appointed as the India Ambassador of She Changes Climate

Shreya Ghodawat is a name to watch in the world of sustainability and social impact. Driven by a passion for promoting climate solutions and aspirational ethical living, she is making a difference with her work as a sustainability strategist, writer, speaker and advisor. She has newly been appointed as the India Ambassador of She Changes Climate – a global campaign driving awareness of the crucial role of women in accelerating just climate action.

She Changes Climate India Event

The global non-profit organisation launched a special initiative for International Women’s Day titled ‘Embrace Equity’ that aims to amplify the voices of women around the impacts of climate change. Shreya Ghodawat hosted an event at One8 Commune, Pune that witnessed impactful discussions and a special film screening on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The main objective of the event was to inspire and encourage women to take up more space in climate change conversations and lead innovative climate action solutions.

Among those who attended the event were women leaders and influencers from corporate, social, political and sustainability backgrounds, namely Payal Rajpal (Director – Robotex India & IBTC Estonia), Pooja Anand (President – Pune City Congress Women Cell), Kalyani Darda (Founder – Be Kind Be Human Foundation), Ruby Pashankar (Managing Partner – Limban Resorts), Avani Awasthee, Pooja Misal (Founder & Director – SMEF’s Brick Group of institutes), Sheetal Ranka (Co-founder – Ranka Jewellers), Tejaswini Pawar (Senior VP – Dentsu), Meenal Patil (RJ – Radio One Pune), Namrata Kriplani, Divya Chavan Jachak, Pranati Shroff, Tejaswini Patil (Trustee – Mauli Vidyapeeth) and others.

The documentary film, created by She Changes Climate in partnership with Visionary Pictures captures seven powerful voices that address the importance of a gendered narrative in climate change, leadership, indigenous rights and scientific research. The SHE Changes Climate film has been nominated for awards from The Earth Future Festivals and at the Lift-Off Global Network Session 2022.

Shreya Ghodawat, India Ambassador, She Changes Climate said, “I have been an ecofeminist for as long as I can remember and I would love to expand She Changes Climate vision here in India. I strongly believe that the need for She Changes Climate is palpable here, and that the scope for a positive change is immense. I also believe my passion for this space, the privilege of a perspective rooted in the Indian context and an additional lens of a global experience make me the ideal candidate to tap into this scope. India is in need of a radical national feminist sustainability movement that permeates every institution of civil society, and the conditions have never been more favourable.”

Mrs. Elise Buckle, Co-founder, She Changes Climate and UN Advisor said, “The climate crisis is on our doorstep and it’s affecting us all. But the perspectives on, and decisions about, how to tackle it have been made mainly by men, who spoke on behalf of only a fraction of the population. Women continue to be marginalised from the political sphere because of gender stereotypes, lack of access and socio-economic-structural barriers. According to UN Women, more than 150 countries still have laws that discriminate against women. We are committed to ensuring women, in all their diversity, are able to make the critical decisions to save humanity. We do this by influencing governments, raising awareness of inequality and collaborating with other organisations looking for greater equality in climate negotiations. We love Shreya’s vision of She Changes Climate in India and her commitment to promote gender equality in the climate space. With this partnership, we look forward to equal inclusion of women at top levels of all climate negotiations in India.”

Shreya Ghodawat is committed to promoting justice, fairness, equitable rights, de colonialism and climate solutions. Having travelled across 65 counties, exploring indigenous cultures and their impact on the economy and environment, Shreya founded Sustainable Guides that focuses on providing travellers with the right information to make better, greener and kinder choices on their trips. She aims to work as a sustainability strategist with travel and tourism businesses to help make their operations more eco-friendly.

She Changes Climate is working to bring about real transformation by asking global leaders of governments and businesses to look at the talent pool that already exists within their nations to build genuinely representative leadership teams.

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