Colaba Murder: Accused Killed Twins Because Of Alleged Supernatural Power

Mumbai: Anil Chugani (45), who flung his childhood friend’s three-year-old daughter from his seventh-floor Colaba flat last week, has reportedly told the police that a “supernatural power” ordered him to kill the girl and also her twin to rid him of personal difficulties.

He told the police he planned to kill the twins in May before returning to India from Morocco, where he worked.

A police officer said Chugani was employed at his cousin’s cloth shop in Morocco. “He told us that one Zubaida (60), his co-worker for the past 10 years, had performed black magic on him due to which he was unable to succeed in life. We don’t know if his story is true or not.”

Other than the murder charge, police have now added sections of the Maharashtra Prevention and Eradication of Human Sacrifice and Other Inhuman Evil and Aghori Practices and Black Magic Act, 2013.

In his 100-page notebook, Chugani had written that he would kill the twins to save his own life, go to jail and resolve his issues there.

The crime was committed around 7.30pm on Saturday. Chugani, a resident of Ashoka Apartments, was like a family member to his friend Prem Hathiramani who lived in the opposite building.

“He had been inviting Hathiramani’s children to his flat for a while. On Saturday, the twins, their older brother aged six and their nanny, Kakuli Mandal, went to Chugani’s flat. He had bought junk food and cold drinks for them,” said an officer. After the victim, Shanaya ate something, Chugani offered to take her to the washroom to clean her hands. Instead, he took her to his bedroom. “He gave her a ball to play with to divert her attention and then flung her from the window,” said a police officer.

“Chugani then himself called up the police control room.” He came out of his flat with folded hands and said he was mentally prepared for arrest. He has been remanded to police custody till September 13.
Chugani’s wife is at her bedridden mother’s home in Andheri.

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