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Colexion Emerges As The Largest NFT-Platform For Digitized Artwork

Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) are riding a wave in the lives of art connoisseurs. The boom of NFTs in the 21st-century is like 17th-century exotic Dutch Tulips. The digitization and the Covid pandemic have given rise to the remarkable success of digital assets. NFT marketplace has emerged as the biggest opportunity for acclaimed personalities to showcase their life journey and memorable stories with the NFT followers. With the continuously rising demand for virtual assets, it becomes a sure fact that NFTs are here to stay and that they will change investing forever.

Co-founded by Bibin Babu, Colexion is the world’s first personalized and Asia’s largest licensed NFT museum that is lending a helping hand to the fans, making them meet with the digitization artwork of their favourite celebrities. From bringing a revolution in the billion-dollar industry with its exemplary approach to representing the iconic stars, Colexion is doing it all. Famed personalities like Glen Maxwell, Kieron Pollard, Morne Morkel, David Malan, Mika Singh are featured on the list. Moreover, the list does not end here there are more enthralling surprises to hold on to.

This NFT platform is launching 30+ international celebrities on digital media. The platform is primarily focussing on sports, entertainment, and art memorabilia from some of the biggest celebrities around the world. NFTs are generally one of a kind with unique identifying codes. Keeping this in mind Colexion comes in the line of digital investment, meticulously working towards providing an immutable ledger of all transactions.

With its formal public launch on 10th September 2021, it holds value in the hearts of people, making them feel associated with the brand. In the fast-paced era, it is the next big thing evolving and changing the approach of the blockchain industry. The platform will provide users with the foremost features of buying, selling, and trading NFTs of their favorite superstars.

NFTs are risky because their future is uncertain but with Colexion’s unique characteristic, digitization has taken a 180 degree U-turn. Now the people can have safer and secure transactions for their one-of-a-kind experience with their successful idols. More interesting and exciting features are going to add soon for the extraordinary experience. The collectors will be given the opportunity to make offers and bid on digital art representation. Payment methods like credit cards will be prioritized to ease the functioning for the use of the public.

Smart contracts on the Polygon blockchains will be selected for the digital artwork representation. Fans love when they can collect and garner the memories of their treasured personalities. Be it ticket stubs or autographs, fans value everything that they receive from their idol inspiration. Thus, Colexion presents you with the treasurable moments that none other can.  The innovative minds behind the legendary concept are working tirelessly to produce the results that everyone is waiting for. The sheer hard work and genius ideas is making Colexion the prime choice for digitized artwork.

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