Commonwealth Games Champion Ravi Kumar Katalu Will Be Facing Four-Year Doping Ban

Mumbai: India’s Commonwealth Games weightlifting gold medallist Ravi Kumar Katulu has been banned for four years after failing a drug test, a top anti-doping official told AFP on Tuesday.

Media reports said that The 31-year-old Kumar, who won the 69kg title at the 2010 Commonwealth Games and a silver in 2014 (77kg), tested positive for Ostarine.

As per the International Weightlifting Federation, any nation with 20 or more doping violations from 2008 to 2020 will have just one male and one female lifter at the Games. Countries with 10 to 19 doping violations over that same period will be limited to two men and two women in Tokyo and India falls into this category, as reported by The Times of India

Ostarine helps increase muscle mass though is not available to the public.

“Ravi Kumar has been suspended for four years,” National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) director general Navin Agarwal told AFP without naming the substance involved.

Ostarine is a “selective androgen receptor modulator”, or SARM, which doping experts say has been increasingly used as an alternative to steroids. No country has yet allowed its use as a medicine but it is widely available on the black market.

The ban is a new blow for scandal-tainted Indian weightlifting, which has been restricted to only four Olympic places two men and two women — in Tokyo next year because of its high number of doping cases.

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