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Concede The Gone, Greet The Coming

The year 2020 has hitched into our minds like a leech. Even though this year comes to an end, its memories would cross our minds like a constant flashback which we can never get rid of, after all, it is past and it’s hard for us to get over it at once. The internet is flooded with content and memes which stab this year as the worst year in the history of humankind. Let us agree to it for a while. The year of pandemic, the year of major climate change, the year of maximum death tolls, the year of suffering- a lot to take in mere 365 days. So, the negativity has happened and we all are eagerly looking forward to the next year that is to come. While we enter the new year with a positive note, we should acknowledge the past as well. Considering not only the negative setbacks but positive aspects too. For instance, mulling over past travel and workplace experiences allowed one to not only relive them but also find new aspects that one hadn’t noticed before. A great opportunity was offered for those like myself to get acclimatized to non-commuting by working from home, cutting down expenses and clutter, and re-learning childhood skills like finding interesting things to do, observe, absorb, enjoy and be entertained without having to step out. And for many, it has been a joy to rediscover family relationships in real-time.

I very well remember the initial days of the lockdown. We all so well appreciated a break that we had got that we couldn’t thank enough. But now as the year ends, we all complain of how it went and can’t wait to start fresh. Appreciation of what is gone is sometimes important. Why? So that we never forget the lessons we learned from it. It is always said, “Forget the past, Focus the Present”. But forgetting the past has a greater number of chances for us to repeat the same mistakes we had done, isn’t it? Instead, why not acknowledge it and look forward to what is coming? Instead of focusing and what went wrong why not focus on what went right and be grateful about it? 

We learned a lot from this year indeed. Expressing gratitude to the things that went right and feeling empathy towards people who suffered losses is the only way to end this year. Let us conclude with the hope that 2021 will unveil a new and promising chapter in all our lives and enable us to deal ably with challenges.

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