Concerned About Air Pollution, Priyanka Gandhi Asks Delhi Congress To Launch Public Awareness Campaign

Mumbai: Amid ongoing Delhi, air pollution Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has ordered party leaders to launch a mass awareness campaign to help people combat the menace.

As per the ANI news agency report, Priyanka asked the leaders to initiate a positive public awareness campaign to combat pollution.

The party will soon chalk out the entire outline of the campaign and the Delhi Congress will distribute masks and set up medical camps for the poorer sections of the society, including rickshaw drivers and auto drivers, as directed by Priyanka.

A leader present at the meeting said, “The campaign will not benefit the poor, but will connect us emotionally with the people.”

According to sources, Priyanka was concerned about the poor, saying that air pollution is suffering. Priyanka said, “Delhi Congress should conduct awareness campaigns among the poor and help them. The help of non-governmental organizations can be taken to start a mass movement against pollution.”

Sources said that Priyanka believes that the Audi-Even Car Ration Scheme of the Kejriwal government was ineffective in dealing with pollution.

The issue of stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, a major cause of Delhi pollution, was also raised in the meeting. Priyanka said that steps should be taken to curb the crop residues burning in the states and agreed to take the issue further to ensure that this does not happen in Congress-ruled Punjab.

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