Congress And Rahul Gandhi Are ‘Defaming’ India: Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi

Mumbai: BJP senior leader and Union minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi slammed the opposition party Indian National Congress and accused them of “defaming” the country.

Naqvi said that on Saturday, the opposition party remains “fixed in a feudal family photo frame” and is unable to feel that India’s DNA is full of tolerance and harmony.

Speaking to reporters, the Minority Affairs Minister said that ill-informed” leaders of the opposition party should know that the credo that “all living beings are happy” is India’s legacy and cultural commitment.

He was taking a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who in a conversation with former US diplomat Nicholas Burns on Friday, said on the DNA of openness and tolerance that India and the US had “disappeared”, and those creating divisions are now claiming to be nationalists.

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Naqvi said, “Determined in the feudal family photo frame, the Congress is unable to see India’s DNA, which is full of tolerance and harmony. India does not require any certificate of “DNA testing” from the “prejudiced laboratory of political hypocrisy”.

Naqvi said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the “biggest victim” of intolerance of “fake cursing brigades” for more than a decade.

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Even in a pandemic, the Congress and its leaders are creating “political pollution” rather than being part of the solution to the problems.

The Congress raised the question that when the terrorists were wiped out, it created a furor over the surgical strike, it created confusion over the coronavirus epidemic and is now conspiring to portray India as intolerant, alleged Naqvi.

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